Cara Webb

USANZ 2017 – Cara Webb

Cara Webb, Urology Clinical Nurse Consultant, Austin Health, Melbourne.

Cara was the Best Poster winner for her study, ‘an evaluation of a nurse-led post operative outpatient clinic’.

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USANZ 2017 Interviews – Cara Webb

Joseph Ischia: Talking to Cara Webb who won the best poster for the ANZUNZ conference with her study titled “Set up an initial evaluation of a nurse-led post-operative outpatient clinic.”

We’re lucky enough to catch up with Cara who outlined her study.

Cara Webb: So, we had a look at the wait list at our institution and the demand was pretty high on the wait list. So, the urology unit looked at various strategies to address this situation and introducing a urology nurse-led clinic for post-operative reviews was implemented. We looked at five different surgical procedures that were appropriate for review by nurses and we set up a weekly clinic at the beginning of 2015. With the introduction of our nurse-led clinic and other measures we were able to show an overall decrease in our wait list with our urgent referrals for new patients that were delayed passed their due recall date down by 95% and our review patients down by 46%.

Joseph: Well thank you Cara and congratulations. Well done.

Cara: Thank you.

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