David Gray

USANZ 2017 – David Gray

David Gray, NP,BN, MN (Urology & Continence), Urology Nurse Practitioner, Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre, Melbourne.

ANZUNS innovative paper award winner for the fellowship run at the Australian Prostate Research Centre.

Talking Urology podcast transcript

USANZ 2017 Interviews – David Gray

Joseph Ischia: I’m talking urology with Dave Gray. He is a urology nurse practitioner at the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Prostate Cancer Centre and he’s going to talk to me today about his prize-winning paper, the ANZUNS most innovative paper award regarding the role and their training fellowship for nurse practitioners. Dave, can you tell us about it?

David Gray: Yes, thanks Jo. So, it’s a six-month fellowship position that we offer at our center where nurses would leave their place of employment and come and work with us for six months and they set a series of objectives that they want to meet to further their nursing professionally. So, it could be in the way of learning more about sexual function issues going and watching the guys operating theater, you know, doing prostatectomy, spending time at the radiotherapy department as well, so things that they might not get the ability to do at their current place of work, but they come and do this observership with us and we enable them to do that.

Joseph: Is it only urology CNCs or are you getting like NUMs from urology wards in hospitals?

David: Generally, people with a clinical background and still with that patient contact. So, the grand plan is that when they come and work with us, once they finish their six months with us, then they go back to their place of employment and then introduce those learnings as well, so typically a lot of the nurses might have had experience with sexual function, for example, it’s not really talked about too much with the nurses, so when they go back then they’ll start setting up erectile dysfunction clinics, teaching the guys how to inject safely and what to do with adverse events as well.

Joseph: How many people have come through so far?

David: We’re up to our fourth nurse. We don’t discriminate. We’ve got a nurse that’s come through from Wellington in New Zealand and our current nurse is from Perth.

Joseph: How do you apply for this position?

David: We advertise through the ANZUNS nursing group, so ideally those who would be suitable for it should be a member of our group, so we just do typically like a job application process for that.

Joseph: Fantastic Dave. Thank you very much.

David: Thanks Jo.

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