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APCC 2017 – Victoria Cullen

Victoria Cullen’s PhD involves sex toy design. She discusses ways of innovating your sex life after treatment for prostate cancer.

Talking Urology podcast transcript

APCC 2017 Interviews - Victoria Cullen

Joseph Ischia: I’m Joseph Ischia and I’m Talking Urology with Victoria Cullen. She is an intimacy consultant who gave a very entertaining talk titled “Design Solutions for Sexual Renavigation” and the talk was as interesting as it sounds. Victoria what would you like us to take away from that talk?

Victoria Cullen: Thank you Joseph. I’d like people to take away that after prostate cancer treatment you’re sex life will always change in some aspect and what you need to do is to innovate it and that there’s so many more solutions, strategies and conversations that can be had around this that requires its own specialization and complexity.

Joseph: So that sounds, that has piqued my interest, innovate their sex life. Can you give us some examples?

Victoria: To give you an example, we often focus on the erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy in particular and this can be looked at in many aspects as penile rehab for the neurapraxia process and you’re looking to create actually a daily activity just to keep the smooth muscle tissue active, so not unlike finding a gym routine. Then there’s the other side, which is what the erection actually represents to the men within your sex life. So, I work specifically within sex toy design. So, I look at how not invasive product interventions can help not in a pathological clinical way but actually just bring the fun back into both the gym routine you’re going have to do with your penis and also the intimate relationships that you’re having outside of that.

Joseph: PhD on sex toy design, what did you design?

Victoria: Well, look, I’m actually half-way through and really what I’m learning around it the most is that it comes actually down to our belief systems and we currently through the media, through pornography, we’re not really being given a very accurate indication of what sexuality is and could be. So it becomes quite difficult to, actually the idea of bringing in a sex toy into somebody’s sex life is just seems very wacky and out there and not very normal and I wish I could get across to people how normal it actually is and how it can completely change your sexual world and up your confidence and help with the long-term relationship.

Joseph: Well that is a wonderful message. We all need a new sex toy. Thank you very much Victoria. We really appreciate you joining us.

Victoria: Thank you. I like that my message was sex toys. Get a sex toy.

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