Prof Mark Emberton

APCC 2017 – Prof Mark Emberton

Prof Mark Emberton discusses the PROMIS study and the role of MRI in prostate cancer diagnosis and active surveillance.

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APCC 2017 Interviews - Mark Emberton

Mark Emberton: So, I’m Mark Emberton. I’m professor of urology at University College London. Speaking to Declan before preparing for this conference, we were talking really about a lecture on some of the kind of consequences and impact of the PROMIS study, which we’re just starting to explore and realize. It’s only five or six months since PROMIS was published and we’re starting to see some of the kind of repercussions and resonance of the study and the criticisms of the study is starting to appear in the literature and it was really some of those that we address today and rather wonderfully carried on into the discussion which went over time and indeed the chairman had to stop us discussing and they really related to the endpoints in the PROMIS study which is a Gleason 4+3 whether that was the clinical significant lesion that we should be worried about or indeed we should be worried about disease with a lesser burden we have had before. The other issue was that we discussed was embracing MRI in active surveillance strategies and that discussion really got relatively advanced in terms of men with normal MRIs to I think we all agree a pretty low risk compared to men with lesions and there were some interesting discussion with some of the panelists including Jonathan Epstien about how this might playout in the future. So I think the concluding remarks from the panel is that MRI will improve our risk stratification and therefore will improve our ability to select men for active surveillance but also I think will improve our ability to assess status over time which again will allow us to identify those men who are truly progressing.

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