Dr David Penson

APCC 2017 – Dr David Penson

Dr David Penson discusses patient reported outcomes after treatment for localised prostate cancer: are they as good as we would like them to be?

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APCC 2017 Interviews - David Penson

A/Prof Nathan Lawrentschuk: I’m just here with David Penson from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the United States. David could you give us some take-home messages from your talks here at the APCC 2017?

David Penson: I’m happy to Nathan and thanks for having me here. I think, I talked about a bunch of different things but I think the thing to focus on most were the presentation of patient reported outcomes after treatment for localized prostate cancer. I had a chance to go over three different studies, one is mine, one is from North Carolina and one is the ProtecT study and I think it’s important for providers to recognize that outcomes are perhaps as good as we’d like them to be after the various treatments. It’s important for providers to try to optimize active surveillance in low risk patients. They have to be more selective in who they do nerve sparing on because it doesn’t help a fellow who doesn’t have good erectile function walking in the door and they have to follow up longer term and be very honest with their patients. I think those are really the key points.

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