Dr Chris Sweeney (2)

APCC 2017 – Dr Chris Sweeney (2)

Dr Chris Sweeney discusses which is best? Abiraterone vs docetaxal with ADT for hormone naïve metastatic prostate cancer.

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APCC 2017 Interviews - Chris Sweeney

A/Prof Nathan Lawrentschuk: Nathan Lawrentschuk here with Chris Sweeney. So Chris, there’s been some very big trials reporting lately need I mention their names. So my question to you is does LATITUDE change the attitude and does STAMPEDE run over docetaxel?

Chris Sweeney: When you think about it, it has a lot of treatment burden to give abiraterone over docetaxel and more patients can get it. So in all honesty it’s probably preferable by the physician and the patient perspective, but access to it and its cost is the rate-limiting step. So the bottom line is if you can get docetaxel with ADT that’s a perfectly fine option. If you can get abiraterone with the ADT that’s a perfectly fine option. I think the real question though is would we do even better for these patients who do really poorly with ADT docetaxel and abiraterone or enzalutamide, and we’ll get the results of the ENZAMET study hopefully in the next 12 months which has completed accrual. Kudos to the ANZUP team for getting 1125 patients on and so we will, I think the real question in the future Nathan is, is triplet better than doublet?

Nathan: Thank you.

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