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ANZUP 2018 – Dr Henry Woo

Dr Joseph Ischia chats with ANZUP 2018 Convenor Henry Woo. Enjoy the highlights of the conference through the eyes of the convenor.

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ANZUP 2018 Interviews – Henry Woo

Joseph Ischia: Thanks for joining us, Henry. You are the convener of this year’s conference and we would love to get some words of wisdom from you on how the whole experience has been and tell us what the conference has been like.

Henry Woo: Thanks very much Joe. This had been a fantastic conference so far. I know I’m a little biased because I’m the convener of this meeting, however, it’s been a real honor to be the convener of what represents the 10th anniversary of ANZUP.

Joseph: Now, you had some new ideas you brought in this year, Henry. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Henry: Yes. I would like to think of this particular meeting being somewhat disruptive to the traditional meeting format, one of the things that we introduced was the so-called ANZUPx talks and these are based on the TEDx style of talk where each speaker had 18 minutes to present their idea and to give us a little bit of an idea of how we can, I guess, progress our thoughts about GU cancer outside traditional boundaries.

Joseph: Wonderful. The theme of this year’s conference is putting patients first. What inspired you to go with that theme?

Henry: Well, we went with putting people first because there has been a lot of interest and a lot of research in big data sets and also a lot of interest in looking at the molecular level of cancer and with the idea of the so-called precisional personalized medicine, but in between those two extremes is actually a person. Now, originally, we were going to look at having a theme of putting patients first, but as the organizing committee reflected upon this, we realized there is actually much more to it than just the patient in the whole GU story. There are the carers, there are the friends and the family, and there are also the healthcare workers and also the researchers and we are all playing that little role in GU cancer.

Joseph: I know we shouldn’t ever ask this question Henry because no one of our children are our favorite, but what has been your favorite talk over the conference?

Henry: Well, that’s a tough one. Well, look, I have to express a little bit of bias. Perhaps, to this point in time, I would say it’s the ANZUPx Talk presented by Bertrand Tombal. Bertrand is quite amazing. He is one of the few urologists in Europe to be selectively involved in the EORTC and he gave us a wonderful talk about his vision for surgeons becoming more involved in the multidisciplinary team as well as clinical trials.

Joseph: Yes, I am biased as well. It’s good to see surgeons being put first. Now, that’s not a thing at all, but we love all our children equally. It’s been a fantastic program, Henry. Any final words for people thinking of coming to ANZUP next year?

Henry: If you want to be a serious part of the multidisciplinary team, then you need to be here.

Joseph: Thanks, Henry.

Henry: Thank you.

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