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ANZUP 2018 – Dr David Pryor

Dr Joseph Ischia chats with David Pryor, the convenor of the 2019 ANZUP conference in Brisbane July 21-23.

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ANZUP 2018 Interviews – David Pryor

Joseph Ischia: David, thank you for joining us. I understand you’ve just found out you’re the convener for next year, so congratulations. What can we expect next year with the ANZUP conference, when is it, where is it?

David Pryor: Thanks Joe. It’s 21st to 23rd of July in sunny Brisbane 2019, so don’t miss it. A lot of talk this year about it has been the 10th anniversary of the ANZUP, I assume, but it makes it 11, number 11 is where it’s at. Apollo 10 did not land on the moon, it was Apollo 11. So, the 11th ANZUP, I assume, is going to be an absolute riot. So, sunny Brisbane, up at the moment it’s about 20 degrees, sunny, no clouds down here, I don’t even want to talk about it. It’s cold, windy, miserable.

Joseph: Well let’s see if we get down to Melbourne, it’s even worse. We’re going to get up there. So, we are going to get up to Brisbane July 21st to 23rd and, as you say, the 11th is best. Alright, thanks David.

David: Thank you.

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